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As Arbutus Software partners in the Nordics we distribute and provide customer support in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


When it comes the the use of Arbutus Software, especially Analyzer that is the engine in the analytics software, our experience ranges from control based audits to forward-looking audits that evaluats behaviour. Moreover Analyzer is a tool that is string when it comes to data quality and data clensing.

Arbutus Open Course

Together with our fellow Arbutus partners in Europe, we are now able to provide two open courses for Arbutus Analyzer. These courses erbjuds på engelska and are in the format of Tutor-led delivery,  On-line via Teams

  • Analyzer Introductory Training Open Course
    • a comprehensive introduction to Arbutus Analyzer
  • Analyzer Intermediate Training Open Course
    • ow to apply Analyzer functionality to data analytics projects