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About Scillani Information AB

Unexpected events, digitalisation, customer influence, globalisation, standardisation are some of the keywords that shape the organisation of today. It does not matter if it is about the private or public sectors. We are convinced that it is possible to navigate through this landscape where we offer practical advice with specialty knowledge.

Our roots are in IT and information security, where information is a key resource that needs to be managed well and be protected. We also have roots in analytics where data us used to support the organisation. These areas are not isolated, rather they are closely connected with two other areas where we have built deep understanding and competence, digital technology and management.

Non-profit work

We believe in collaboration in order to grow together. Since the start, we have been involved in non-profit organisation that support the areas in which we are specialists.

At the moment we are active in ISACA Sweden Chapter (, itSMF Sweden ( and itSMF Denmark (

We are also members in other non-profit organisations that contribute to knowledge. Dataföreningen Sverige (, Näringslivets säkerhetsdelegation ( and Sysvenska Handelskammaren (

Joint Venture and Start-ups

We invest in orgnaisations that are connected to wjat we do and wehre we know our competence can contribute to creative and profitable organisations.

In 2020 we will focus on B4 Investigate AB –

Contact us:

Scillani Information AB
Ekgatan 6
233 64 BARA

Phone: +46 707 743131