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SDG Market Maker

Your solution to take advantage of SDG Goals

SDG Market Maker is designed for companies in the private sector who wants to contribute to a better world.

The online service makes it possible to establish and foster sustainable business relationships with Customers, Suppliers and Stakeholders and is a multi-tenant SaaS service (B2B) used to map SDGs and identify internal capabilities to seize opportunities that enable the companies to prioritise business relationships that share the same SDG goals unlike  SDG compliance tools that only is used for historic purposes as checklists.

Our solution enable sustainable business relations to gain competitive advantage

SDG Market Maker will soon be available for you

Basic SDG Market Maker
Get to know your internal capabilities (free plan)

Advanced SDG Market Maker
Identify your business relations from an SDG perspective and leverage opportunities (monthly subscription)

Enterprise SDG Market Maker

AI driven SDG opportunites for all companies within a group to gain competetive advantage (annual subscription)

SDG Market Maker is currently (2022) a case Study company used for courses in agile  development, where Agile is combined with Project Management, IT Service Management and Information- & Cybers
ecurity. The course is provided by Scillani Information ( together with Opticos ( For more information reach out to or

For more information about UN SDGs

Home – United Nations Sustainable Development

THE 17 GOALS – Sustainable Development Goals

Make it happen !
Are you an investor who wants to contribute to a better world, then this is the opportunity for you. Currently looking for Angel Investor(s) with a network of coders that can join our forces.